Photographer. Squad Leader

Tony started Hoffer Photography with Amy over 10 years ago. Early on, he became known for setting shooting trends (like backlit rain photos) and popular marketing trends (like annual Best Of posts). Throughout the past 10+ years, Tony and Amy’s work has been featured in publications around the world and they’ve spoken at several national and international photography conferences. As the business has grown, Tony has focused his energy on evolution and growth as a photographer while leading our business to be the most original and genuine that we can be. Tony also has a side-gig as a commercial and portrait photographer on top of his wedding work with Amy.

In Tony’s Words.

I’ve always loved trying new things. In work, I’m constantly pushing for something new and unique. I’m a bit crazy in that way. I always want to create something fresh. In part, that’s why our business is so client-focused. By focusing on the lives of others, we have a non-stop supply of creative opportunities. I may work a bit too much, but I love what I do… almost as much as I love the people I get to do it with. In life, Amy and I love traveling (I’m trying to finish all 50 states and all 7 continents), eating whatever the chef recommends, playing volleyball and trying to find a new adventure.

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Tony | Behind the Scenes

Tony isn’t in many photos. Well, that’s not entirely true… Tony’s head isn’t in many photos. He’s pretty tall. Capturing him in the wild is a special trick that usually involves pointing a camera up and hoping that he wanders in it.

Five Photos Tony loves.

This photo is everything I love about our job and our clients. Before their wedding, Maureen and Kevin challenged us to come up with an interesting way to shoot inside a silo. A lot of time went into the planning of this shot… particularly so that we could pull it off in about 5 minutes. I love the photo, but I love even more that Maureen and Kevin were involved in making it happen.

This photo has always had a soft spot in my heart… mostly because it’s the complete opposite of the photo above. We always talk about how we try our best to tailor our work to who we’re shooting for. This is the example we always use. Alysha and Tyler just did this without any prompting from us. For us, that’s the result of shooting in a particular way for these particular people, where they feel comfortable to be themselves.

I love this photo because I love how it happened. We were shooting Julie & Mike’s wedding in Jamaica and Julie let us know that she was going to be writing her vows the morning of the wedding. So I went down and just hung out on the beach silently with Julie for a while. I love that she felt comfortable enough to let me be there for such a personal moment.

Jen and Val got ready in separate rooms and didn’t want to see each other until their first look. However, we don’t get to shoot two brides that often, so we started thinking interesting ways to do it. Getting two people in focus is easy when they’re next to each other and REALLY hard when they’re not… especially inside a hotel room. So this photo was a result of some thought, some patience and a lot of luck.

This is the photo that’s been in our portfolio the longest. It’s one that we’ve always loved. It took a long time to make this photo and a lot of effort from a lot of (unknowing) people in Times Square. But it’s one of those photos that we knew we had to take as soon as we turned the corner and saw the bright pink sign.