An adventure and a photo shoot. Late last year we were on vacation in Puerto Rico and thought to ourselves “Wouldn’t it be cool to be working right now?” Yes. Seriously. We started daydreaming about what it would be like to combine our favorite things about our personal lives (travel, exploring) and our favorite things about our work lives (getting to know our couples, having lots of time to shoot). 

So, we created Snowbird Sessions. At these sessions, we go somewhere with our couples, get to know each other, and live our lives together for a short time. On one day we shoot photos in a laid-back, fun way as we explore around together. There’s no agenda, no times, just fun.

We plan to do a Snowbird Session every winter going forward. We’ll decide the time based on our availability throughout the winter, when our wedding schedule is a bit lighter.

We choose a different snowbird location each winter… even better, you can be involved! It’s quite an adventure all the way around.

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