You know how good it feels when you make someone laugh? That’s what it’s like to be around Jim… all the time. Years before Jim was shooting for us, he was helping out wherever he could. He’s so hungry to learn, grow, and embrace new experiences and people. We’re completely honored to call him part of the HoffSquad and to have his amazing body of work be a part of our team. Jim captures emotion like almost no one else can. His laid back nature perfectly suits his documentary style. It’ll help you feel completely comfortable and allows him to make extraordinary images. You might never notice Jim while he’s shooting, but when you do, you’ll see a smile on his face.

In Jim’s Words.

I love visiting friends around the country, hanging out with my nephew, rock climbing, and pushing myself to live a more intentional life. My odometer gets quite a workout. I live in Baltimore and travel all over to shoot. My top priority while photographing is to create an atmosphere that allows for natural, non-forced moments so that you can just be yourself, be present, and enjoy your time. I want to support and help people be and see the best versions of themselves (both outwardly and inwardly). I also love animals, so don’t hesitate to include furry friends in your shoot!

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Jim | Behind the Scenes

To know Jim is to love Jim… although there’s a few things we should tell you: Be prepared for him to look longingly at your wedding cake, to interact with every dog he sees, to get right in the action, and to think he can hide behind bushes. He’s pretty great…

Five Photos Jim loves.

I knew this pup was important since they made special arrangements for her to hang out with them for the first half of the day. I kept an eye on her all morning, ready for any great moments with her and her parents. We captured a bunch, but this is my favorite. This is the moment the pup and groom “kissed” goodbye before the ceremony, haha! Because I was able to help these two feel like they could be themselves in front of me, I was able to be really close, and be ready for this unexpected moment before it happened.

One thing I love being able to capture at weddings is the adoration between family and friends. I think it’s a great reminder of the support and love people have in their lives. It amazes me how much a small gesture like Allie and her mom holding hands can say everything in a photo. Moments and gestures like this would never happen if I was over-involved and bossing people around. I try to give people space to be present and enjoy their real, natural moments with each other.

This photo is one of my favorites because of how it was created. This happened during time we scheduled for family photos. We had talked about the special relationship the bride had with her grandmother. This was the first time the grandmother saw the bride in her dress. Was she ever excited and blown away by how beautiful her granddaughter was! I think most photographers would have completely missed or ruined this quick moment, because they would be focused on getting the family photos checked off. I didn’t know what would happen, but I gave them space to have a few moments together to be themselves.

Three of my favorite things: 1. Pizza 2. Donuts 3. Not taking life too seriously.

A wedding can be a whirlwind of activity and emotion for a lot of people. I love both the loud and quiet moments. Although they had a blast, Hannah and Elliott didn’t totally love being the center of attention on their wedding day. This photo takes me back to the sweet, quiet, reflective energy and affection that Elliott and Hannah had on the car ride to the ceremony. I loved the gentleness in the way Elliott held her hand and played with her ring. This photo feels very much like them, which makes me proud to have captured it.