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We didn’t know that Chris would become an amazing photographer when Amy & Tony shot his wedding a few years back, but we should have. From his hunger to learn, his good taste and his being the friendliest person in any room, it was easy to see why Chris would be so instinctually good at photography. There are few who work as hard to push creative boundaries as Chris does. What makes photography so wonderful is that you get to preserve a moment for decades. It’s fascinating to think that Chris is doing that for us now. We’re so happy and lucky to have Chris on our squad. You’ll love him. Plus, he’s also an honest-to-goodness, life-saving doctor. We only abuse his medical knowledge occasionally. He’s originally from Austin, TX but his wife (Jana) and two young kids have him trapped outside of Philly… and he ain’t going nowhere.

People often ask why I shoot weddings. The answer is fairly simple for me: All the time I’ve spent growing and the times I’ve challenged myself as a photographer get poured into a single day. That day is filled with incredibly happy, nicely dressed and emotional people experiencing beautiful moments. We get to preserve those. It’s part of the benefit of digital photography. Knowing that someone’s great grandkids will get to see the photos I take and feel the emotions for generations is awesome. I was blessed to have Tony and Amy set that example for me at my wedding, and now I have the incredible opportunity to work for them. In my spare time I love to hang out with my wife and two hilarious kids. When I’m not doing any of those things, I do a little doctoring on the side.

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