Photographer. Album Maker.

Amy and Tony started shooting together back in 2007 (a month before they got married) and have shot hundreds of weddings together all over the world. If you ask Tony he’d say that Amy has been taking most of the good photos and almost none of the credit ever since. On top of that, Amy has done documentary work in Kenya three times. Amy’s greatest strengths as a photographer are as a candid and documentary shooter. She’s great at making people feel comfortable with her around and blending into any environment. Amy also is our album master, putting together all the beautiful books and working with our clients to make sure everything looks great on their coffee tables for years to come.

In Amy’s Words.

I love traveling, reading, working out and trying every restaurant I can… and word on the street is that I make a mean chocolate chip cookie. I love waking up to a cup of coffee and snuggling with the two most beautiful little puppies ever. Tony and I have been married and working together for the past 11 years. We have a little home/studio in the woods around Downingtown, PA.

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Amy | Behind the Scenes

Amy hates being in front of the camera almost as much as she loves being behind it. Even so, Tony sneaks in a few every now and then. Here’s some images of Amy at work. She doesn’t wear camouflage, but she may as well. She’s a sneaky one!

Five Photos Amy loves.

We’ve had this photo of Sean in our portfolio for a while now and it’s exactly the type of thing I love capturing. While Tony is shooting families or doing other things that require a loud person, I’m usually trying to keep an eye on what’s happening… In Sean’s case it was a bunch of bridesmaids trying to make sure she looked just right.

I’ve gotten quite used to shooting photos of guys over the years. One thing I love is when we can create an environment where they know that they can just be themselves around me. That’s when I get to really sit back and look for interesting compositions that show funny and unique moments, like this one from Alysha & Tyler’s wedding.

We love shooting furry little buddies. This is my excuse to show off one of my favorite recent dogs… Cisco! I tend to sometimes remember dog’s names better than I remember people’s names. It’s a gift. It will be hard to forget Kelliann and Bill… and Cisco too.

One of my favorite moments of any wedding is that couple of minutes right before a bride reveals herself to the world. Usually everybody is already seated and in position (including most photographers). That’s when I love to hang out and see what happens. In Danielle’s case, it was some final touches to her veil before she showed herself off for her wedding in New Orleans.

This is a simple image, but I really like the story it tells and the light. Sometimes we as photographers tend to gloss over the traditions that we see every week, but I like trying to shoot them in beautiful ways with great light. Even though traditions can feel monotonous to us, we’re always trying to remember that for a family it could be the most important thing.