Behind the Scenes | (Almost) Everything We Did in 2018

This is our favorite post every year. Believe it or not, it’s not because we’re complete narcissists. It’s because time is a crazy thing. Some things that seemed like they were 10 years ago only happened in February. Things from last week feel like last year. I guess that’s the power of photography. Looking through all of these images brought back every good (and bad) thing that we remember from this year… and it’s pretty emotional. From all the new people we met, the new places we went and the millions of photos we’ve taken. It turns out that 2018 was a pretty memorable year.

Soon enough we’ll be posting some of our favorite work from the past 12 months. Until then, we thought we’d show you a little about what the Hoffsquad did this year. It had to be one of the wildest years for us as a group:

– In the summer we had to say goodbye to Farid, who packed up his family and moved halfway around the world to Indonesia.
– Both Jim and Chris moved… on top of Chris and Jana having another baby and Chris getting a new job (yes, he’s really a doctor)
Lindsay ramped up her shooting big time and is now our most relied on 2nd shooter.
Amy and I got ourselves another dog and travelled more than we ever have.

Those things don’t tell half the story. We started the year with a big, huge Hoffshop down in Atlanta, which was filled with lots of planning. It was also filled with lots of driving and a fun little trip to the hospital for me! Then 4 of us went to Kenya to document some of the work that eduKenya is doing, went on a safari and fought off random illnesses while half way around the world. I saw a big uptick in my commercial work and I personally was so excited to see how much Lindsay really took hold of assisting with it (and how Chris and Jim are always willing to come hang out and take some photos).

Amy and I spent 8 weeks away from home before May. Then we were all able to settle in for the busy summer… well except for Chris (who had a newborn, sold a house, built another, got a new job) and Jim (sold a house, moved to a new state). Every year we set a goal to spend more time together as a Hoff-family and then life seems to get crazy. We feel lucky to not only have such amazing people with us, but to know that we can drop in and out of each others lives and fall right back in when we’re together. We have big things in store for 2019 and we can’t wait to share more adventures with you all.

Lastly, thanks to everybody who hosted or facilitated us throughout the year. From the workshop, our Kenya trip or even just normal wedding work. Our lives are sometimes so transient that we need our friends to help guide us through. Thanks to all of you for your support! There’s far too many of you to point out individually, but we love you and appreciate all you do for us.

Notes: If you’d like to follow along with our adventures throughout the year, follow us on Instagram. We post stories as much as we can and have plans for lots of other new stuff! • Please excuse any cell phone quality photos • There are a few in here that were taken by 2nd shooters or others that I wasn’t able to credit because, well, it would have taken forever. Thanks to those of you that took funny photos of us.

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