Alyssa & Preston at The Stotesbury Mansion

Alyssa and Preston are infectiously positive and joyful. From the first time I spoke with them I knew shooting their wedding would be fun, and after their engagement session I knew the day would be one of my favorites (spoiler alert, it was). They’re the kind of people who can take a chilly, overcast day on the beach and make it feel like the most vibrant day of the year.

Of course they had one of the happiest days I’ve ever had the honor to be apart of. Preston rocked one of the badassiest jackets I’ve ever seen on a groom, and it seemed everything Alyssa wore had her own rocking, custom touch – and of course red was popping wherever it could. The day just felt genuinely like their day. You can’t spend time around these two without feeling good and enjoying yourself. And a big thanks to my friend Eric for hanging out and shooting with me. I hope our images do the day justice and make you guys as happy as you make each other. Enjoy!

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