Weddings can often be so stressful – all the preparations leading up to the day and all the emotions on the day of, but from the moment I talked to Laura & Andy during our first meeting via Skype 18 months ago, I knew that they were going to be different. I went through all my usual talking points during our conversation as they patiently listened.. and when I was done, Laura said, “We actually already booked you. We loved your work and we knew you were the photographer we want so we booked you right away!”

Needless to say, Laura & Andy were soooo great to work with, and this was easily one of my favorite weddings this year. The Cork Factory Hotel was beautiful as usual, and the weather was amazing. Every wedding I shoot this year continues to make me dread the day I have to give my daughter away. I don’t know how you dads can do this!!!

Special thanks for Jonathan Pretz for coming out and shooting this wedding with me. Here are some of our favorites!


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