Hoffshop Atlanta!

After nearly 2 years of recovery, we’re really proud to be bringing back our (crazy, intense, grueling, ridiculous) 3-day workshop.  The Hoffshop is back!

This workshop is built to do one thing: make you better. This does not include hero worship, styled shoots or professional models. You will get personalized and honest critique, challenges that are made specifically for you and 3 intense days dedicated to you, not to us. It’s designed to help you discover and attack your weaknesses and to help you identify your natural strengths so that you can put your own voice behind your work.

The Hoffshop is hard. We believe that workshops should be just that… work. So we’ve designed the Hoffshop to push you in every way we know how. It’s both mentally and physically exhausting over 3 very long days. We wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe that these 3 days will change the way you shoot and do business.

Registration opens on Sunday at 7pm EST. Find out all the info here!

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