Melissa & Ross at Union Trust

For just hitting our 10-year business birthday, we’ve certainly had a lot of firsts lately. Firsts are the best. Sometimes we’ll have a client that gets nervous if we haven’t shot at a particular venue before. Then we have to convince them how great it is to do something for the first time.

Even though we’d been to Union Trust before, Saturday’s wedding was still full of firsts. Of course there’s the pink (blush I’m told) dress and Ross’s kilt. What was more strange, though, was what happened as we were shooting portraits in the city. We were approached by a reporter from the AP who interviewed Melissa and documented our shooting for a story they’re running. Anyone that knows Melissa knows how in her element this was. We were in disbelief that the most media savvy bride we’ve ever shot just happened to get interviewed mid-day. Amy still suspects that you planted the reporter, Melissa :)

Enjoy a few of our favorites…

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