Photographed by Lead Photographers Amy & Tony Hoffer

Sometimes people are right. Sometimes people are wrong. I don’t know which guest told us to go outside and look at the sunset, but they were dead wrong. It’s instinct for us, really. When someone tells us about a great sunset, we run. These things are fleeting after all. So we heard the word sunset, we grabbed Kristen and Kevin and we went outside. We all looked around and gave a collective “Meh.”

We grabbed a photo or two anyway, with the tiny bit of pink that remained in the sky. Then all of the sudden it got pinker. Then red. Then purple. Out of nowhere we had about 5 minutes of a sky on fire. The person was right. We were wrong. We shot quickly. Then it was gone.

This day was a lot of fun. Kristen and Kevin are great people who compliment each other’s personalities in really cool ways. Here’s a few images we liked!