Erica & Matt at the Farm at Eagle’s Ridge

There was a thin red line Saturday. It was surrounded by even thinner green lines. Our hot, sunny day was going to be briefly interrupted by a short, but very powerful, thunderstorm. So as the church emptied out and we took the trolly back to the Farm at Eagle’s Ridge, we gave Erica & Matt the heads up. “It looks like rain is coming soon.” Erica and Matt couldn’t have been calmer about it. They had stalked the weather for weeks anyway.

So we arrived, took about 2 minutes of photos, then ran for our lives back into the house for cover (see ominous bridal party shot below). Luckily we got E&M into an empty building for some portraits while we waited. Before long, the sun was back.

This is where a normal person would write a cheesy analogy of why this has something to do with marriage. It doesn’t. It was just a neat storm, handled cooly by two great people. Then we danced. Please see below for evidence.

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