Aside from the fact that it was probably the longest shooting day we’ll have this year, Rachel and Anthony’s wedding was notable for a few other things. We always tell people that we love when they have the time and confidence to just be themselves. That showed when R&A decided to take photos at their old high school. It also showed when they brought their Croatian/U.S. flags with them everywhere. It was around when they did a Croatian tradition for their first look.

Most notably, though, was the big surprise of the first dance. Rachel had gone to a studio and recorded a song to play during the first dance, which almost no one knew about. Normally when something like that happens we think it’s cool, but we were blown away by Rachel’s voice… and Anthony seemed to be too. It’s hard to describe how enjoyable it was to spend 14 hours with these two on Saturday, but here’s a taste. Here’s a whole bunch photos set to Rachel’s recording that she made for Anthony:

For you traditionalists, here’s a bunch of the photos in the ‘normal’ way…


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