Ashley & Kyle at Tendenza

Yesterday Jim asked us how it was to shoot Ashley & Kyle’s wedding. Our answer: weird. Not weird in a bad way… Quite the opposite. Weird in a ‘It’s strange when you feel like you’re hanging out with your friends all day’ kind of way. Weird in a ‘It’s strange when your dog goes with you to the wedding, dressed in a dog-tuxedo’ kind of way. Weird in a ‘We’ve know everything about this wedding for a year’ kind of way.

We started working with Ash years ago, got to know Kyle through her and over the past few years we’ve all become really close. We drive to the city way more than we should just to see these guys. Our dogs are honorary siblings. Ash is an honorary member of the Hoffsquad. We’ve talked about awesome wedding ideas, bemoaned awful wedding ideas and basically all have just become besties.

So it was kinda weird to see this actually happen. We knew Ash was going to get Kyle a car for months, but it was awesome to finally get to see it. We knew Kyle was a happy guy, but it was amazing to get to see him way happier than we ever had before. It was just a beautiful day all around. We’re so thrilled to share some photos of our friends with you all… Enjoy.

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