Lauren & Daniel in Austin

It’s pretty cool when someone in your family gets married. It’s even cooler when you get the honor of taking some photos on such a important day. Normally us photographer folk love to set the camera down, but last Friday was different. My sister, Lauren, and her new husband, Daniel, had a very private, immediate-family only ceremony at St Edwards is Austin. So when she asked if I’d take some portraits after the ceremony I of course said yes (bonus: I no longer had to buy a gift). We had planned on taking some engagement photos a couple days before, but ended up taking them two days after the wedding. When it comes to family, it doesn’t have to make sense. Family is special, family is quirky, family is what life is all about. And I’m thankful these two found each other, and grateful I got to take a couple photos on their wedding day (and two days later). So here’s a post wedding ceremony shoot and then a post wedding engagement shoot. Enjoy!

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