Photographed by Lead Photographers Amy & Tony Hoffer

Amy and I are psyched to be on stage for the Nine Dots Gathering in London this November 13-15th! In addition to this incredible conference, we’ll be presenting a 1-Day HoffShop called Next Level Light on November 16th. The HoffShop is first-come, first-serve for up to 10 students. Registration for the conference and the HoffShop is open now!

The conference just opened last week and is already over 50% sold out. So hurry! The workshop is limited to 10 students and spot are already going for that too…


All the boys are on one side of the room. They’re scared to talk to the girls on the other side. This is wedding photography in 2017. The awkward teenage phase. In one corner you have natural-light shooters. In the other corner you have off-camera flash gurus. It’s time for these people to grow up and start getting married.

The biggest compliment a photographer can get is a look of confusion. The look caused by forcing the viewer to wonder how you did what you did. That doesn’t mean just throwing flash at the problem. That means mastering subtlety and dynamic dimension in your natural light work while having restraint and nuance with your flash work.

In this one day workshop, the Hoffers will talk through exactly how to make your natural light look fake and how to make your fake light look natural… and how to keep your clients engaged and invested in the process. It starts simply: No lights, no modifiers. Then we add some, then add some more. You’ll leave knowing how to take your lighting game to the next level by grasping fundamentals of light that translate to any situation and any modifier… all while maintaining a consistent look across all your work. This workshop will be very hands-on and will have clear demonstrations of techniques with lots of Q&A. The Hoffers are known for their personalized teaching and honest feedback (and long days at the HoffShop). This workshop will push you, teach you and give you practical steps to get better.

Register for the conference or the 1-day Hoffshop here.