Alycia & Rahul at the Union League

In 2014 we (this is Tony writing) shot THIS wedding. On top of being an awesome dad and having good taste in spouses, Chris was probably the most enthusiastic groom we’ve ever had. It wasn’t only the excitement surrounding the wedding, but towards the photography. We knew that Chris was dabbling around, but had no idea where it would one day lead to. Fast forward a few years and we’ve come to know Chris as one of the most driven, hungry and humble photographers we know. His work and creativity are only eclipsed by his drive to make those things even better.

The thought of adding to our team was daunting from the beginning. Even when it was just Amy and I, we wanted to be incredibly clear to our clients about a few things:
1. Almost all our work comes from word of mouth referrals so we’re incredibly snobby about keeping a high standard of work and people.
2. We value humility and hard work above almost everything else.
3. We would never have someone on our team that we couldn’t spend a week in a car with.

As soon as we started thinking about a new person, we knew it had to be Chris. There was no other name that we even thought of. Around this time last year we had our HoffShop. Chris was there and despite routinely pumping out great images, he was the person that wanted the harshest critique, to get out and experiment and to really push himself beyond what he thought he could do. That’s why we had to have him. We hope that you’ll take the time to explore Chris’ Portfolio and check through his blog posts as we get rolling. You’ll love how creative and fresh his work is… We promise. Thanks once again for supporting us as we continue to try to make our squad the strongest team around. We will definitely keep working our butts off to make the best images we can. Welcome Chris!

With that said, check out this wonderful wedding from Chris at the Union League in the snowy weather of last weekend. Thanks to Andy Lydick for 2nd shooting!

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