This post is impossible. The difficulty isn’t just the idea of summing up an entire year into a few paragraphs. It’s also a logistics issue. In 2016, our squad delivered nearly 100,000 images to our clients. That’s a whole lot of megapixels. When we sit down to actually think about what went into those, it’s remarkable how we can remember almost every single one of those frames. There were thousands and thousands of hours put into making and delivering those images. It’s pretty incredible to think that the photos we’ve made will spend decades on walls or in albums and will someday be given to kids, grandkids, etc.

We just started our 10th year in business and it’s hard to describe the amount of literal blood, sweat and tears (apparently being a photographer involves lots of fluids) we’ve put into making this something we’re proud of. But every time we start to feel like we’re doing something right, we quickly get reminded that we are probably the smallest reason for our own existence…

I say this every year because every year I need to remember it. We are here because of you. Yes. You. It doesn’t matter if we’ve shot for you or if you just stalk from afar. From the time we started, we’ve never paid to advertise, used money to leverage referrals (yes that actually happens) or worried about winning awards or contests. Our clients have almost always come from other clients. We are people people in a people business. We value your eyeballs. Your looking, responding and sharing our work is how we keep roofs over our heads. Seriously. We owe everything we have to our clients (and silent blog-stalkers), so we work our butts off to keep you guys interested in the work we do. Thank you! You matter so much to us.

2016 was an amazing (and very strange) year for us. It took us all across the globe. We shot in countries north, south, east and west. We shot on beaches and on glaciers, in African slums and Southern mansions, in Indonesian lakes and Pennsylvanian, well, everything in Pennsylvania. We sold out 2 workshops in less than a minute then saw our team come together to make them a reality. As our little squad has gotten closer, we’ve gotten to experience more of it together. Amy and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of the little Hoffsquad family we’ve found ourselves being a part of. It’s a joy to wake up every day and know that we’re doing the best we can to give people something that will last a really, really long time. The next year or two are shaping up to be amazing. We have a big announcement coming soon and many new places we’ll be showing you sooner than you think!

So, on to the photos. In past years we’ve showed both some behind the scenes images and a collection of our favorite images throughout the year. We thought it would be fun to do both at once! So here it is. One image from each wedding and engagement we shot this year, plus a bunch of goofy images of us at work. Here is roughly 0.1% of our work this year…

Please check back often! We post new things several times a week and you can always go through old posts using the arrows on the bottom right, search through categories using the box on the top right, or find a specific post using the search bar on the left. You can also subscribe to our blog by texting ‘follow @hofferblog’ to 40404. If you’re not into white dresses, check out our commercial and portrait work over at Hoffer Media.


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We are Hoffer Photography, a small collective of photographers based in Philadelphia. 

We each book and shoot our own weddings, so feel free to check out work from any or all of us.