Dimas & Irene | Pantai Indah Kapuk, Indonesia

This is a bit of a personal post.

This summer I have the amazing opportunity to travel to Indonesia to attend my brother Dimas’ wedding. We haven’t visited for many years and have been planning for this trip for a couple years now. It’s still surreal to me that the time is finally here, and that we are halfway across the world reunited with our families once again (ask me how it went carrying 4 kids on a 25 hr plane trip.)

Several years ago, a tragedy struck my family. We tried to pick up the pieces the best we could and moved on, but it was the darkest and most difficult time in our family’s lives. But these two souls met. And fell in love. And it gave our family hope. And for the first time I felt like we were going to be OK.

Our lives were forever altered by our loss. But in a little bit over a month, we will triumphantly celebrate love. And I thank you both for letting me have a little part in it.


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