This session was a pretty long and winding series of events. We met Kat (and her husband Mark) years ago when she was a bridesmaid at a wedding. A little while ago we got a call from one of Kat’s friends. She told us about this friend she had who is A) Pregnant with her second child B) The sweetest person in the world C) Just finished breast cancer treatments. All of this was sounding familiar and when we asked who it was, we knew right away that we had met Kat years before. So last week, we went to Mark & Katherine’s gorgeous home to shoot some maternity for her. Their little guy Alex couldn’t help but join in a few times, so we just may have broken our ‘no children’ policy for a brief minute :)


Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-002 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-003 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-004 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-006 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-007 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-008 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-009 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-010 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-011 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-013 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-014 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-015 Thomson-Philadelphia-Maternity-Photographer-016


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