Amanda & Uly in West Chester

If you ran in to us at 5am, you’d probably think we were a coffee-deprived female monster and a much larger male monster that talked like Dikembe Mutumbo. On the flip side is Amanda and Uly, who were electric in front of the camera at hours when most are still in bed. These guys have been married for a little while now, but asked us to go out and capture a few more portraits in their wedding gear. Here’s a few favorites from a gorgeous morning in our town…

Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-002 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-003 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-004 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-005 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-007 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-008 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-009 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-010 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-011 Rodriguez-Philadelphia-Wedding-Photographer-012

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