As I upload the blog photos for this wedding I couldn’t help but smile remembering the awesome wedding that was Tawanna & Ramoel’s. I remember that although the weather was pretty nice outside, it was freezing cold. I remember the awesome dance party that ensues as soon as the music started and lasted all night long. I remember the long lines heading to our guestcam, so long that guests have to be sent back to their table for dinner! I remember Tawanna & Raomel braving the bitterly cold night to get some shots outside. But what I remember more than everything was just how much they were into each other and how expressive they were. It was a joy to capture, and it was truly a day filled with love and laughter, and we were so lucky to be able to be a part of it.

Without further ado, here’s what we saw that day. My friend Colin came to hang out and shot this wedding with me and many of his shots are shown below as well. Have a happy new year everyone!

TawammaRaomel01a TawammaRaomel01b TawammaRaomel02 TawammaRaomel04 TawammaRaomel05 TawammaRaomel06 TawammaRaomel07 TawammaRaomel08 TawammaRaomel09 TawammaRaomel10 TawammaRaomel11 TawammaRaomel12 TawammaRaomel13 TawammaRaomel14 TawammaRaomel15 TawammaRaomel16 TawammaRaomel17 TawammaRaomel18 TawammaRaomel19 TawammaRaomel20 TawammaRaomel20b TawammaRaomel21 TawammaRaomel22 TawammaRaomel22b TawammaRaomel23 TawammaRaomel24 TawammaRaomel27 TawammaRaomel28 TawammaRaomel29 TawammaRaomel30 TawammaRaomel31 TawammaRaomel32 TawammaRaomel33 TawammaRaomel34 TawammaRaomel35 TawammaRaomel36 TawammaRaomel37 TawammaRaomel38


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