Alex & Alyssa flew in from Atlanta for a week in PA and for a while, it looked like our scheduled engagement session wasn’t going to happen due to the not-so-nice weather we had going on for a few days. We had planned for a session in Philadelphia, but after much scrambling, we decided to move the session to Lancaster, and I’m so glad we did! The weather was gorgeous, and and on top of it we were able to do something special. The first photo below is actually one of the last photos I took that day. Alyssa had wanted to get married at a historic building in the Franklin & Marshall University campus, but it didn’t look like it was going to happen and they settled on a second choice. Well, Alex pulled all the stops and was able to make it happen a couple of hours before the shoot, and we planned a surprise reveal at the end of the shoot. We dragged Alyssa all the way to the front of the building.. and she fell right into our trap. Her reaction was priceless. AlexAlyssa01 AlexAlyssa02 AlexAlyssa04 AlexAlyssa05 AlexAlyssa06 AlexAlyssa07 AlexAlyssa08 AlexAlyssa10 AlexAlyssa11 AlexAlyssa12 AlexAlyssa13 AlexAlyssa14 AlexAlyssa15 AlexAlyssa16 AlexAlyssa17 AlexAlyssa18 AlexAlyssa19 AlexAlyssa20 AlexAlyssa21


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