I could talk about how gorgeous the weather was. I could also talk about how amazing every little detail was on Devon & Michael’s wedding, from Devon’s beautiful dress, the amazing Olde Homestead Golf Club, or incredible event design job by Papertini, but if there’s one thing that stuck out the most from Devon & Michael’s wedding, is that family matters, and that I need to be a better husband to my wife and a better father to my children. We often say that the most important part about a wedding day is spending time with the people we love the most, and I love watching the way Devon, Michael, and Tommy interacts with their loved ones. Thanks for the opportunity, guys. Special thanks to Rob Laungayan for coming out and shooting this wedding with me. Here are some of our favorites!

DevonMichael01 DevonMichael02 DevonMichael03 DevonMichael04 DevonMichael05 DevonMichael06 DevonMichael07 DevonMichael08 DevonMichael09 DevonMichael10 DevonMichael11 DevonMichael12 DevonMichael13 DevonMichael14 DevonMichael15 DevonMichael16 DevonMichael17 DevonMichael17b DevonMichael18 DevonMichael19 DevonMichael20 DevonMichael21 DevonMichael22 DevonMichael23 DevonMichael24 DevonMichael25 DevonMichael26 DevonMichael27 DevonMichael28 DevonMichael29 DevonMichael30 DevonMichael31 DevonMichael32 DevonMichael33 DevonMichael34 DevonMichael35 DevonMichael36 DevonMichael37 DevonMichael38 DevonMichael38b DevonMichael39 DevonMichael40 DevonMichael41 DevonMichael42 DevonMichael43 DevonMichael44 DevonMichael45 DevonMichael46 DevonMichael47


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