WARNING: If you’re a regular blog reader (and not a photographer), the following post will be boring, weird and nerdy. If you’re a photographer, try to contain yourself…

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a review of a photography product, but it’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about one. A few months back, I got clued in to the invention of something that I thought would make my life much easier. It’s hard to imagine that a little piece of silicone could do much, but I’m a nerd and little things excite me. You can see most of my thoughts about the system (as well as how to use it) in the video below. But before you watch it, here’s a few questions that we should get out of the way…

Question #1: Where can I get myself a Mag Mod?

Answer: Right now the MagMod is available for purchase only on Kickstarter. If it’s funded (and it’s off to an amazing start), you should get them in a few weeks/months when production is finished.

Question #2: It looks like the guy who created this is your friend. Did you have any input on this? Aren’t you biased? Should we trust you?

Answer: Yes, Yes and Yes. Spencer (the inventor) and I go way back. We’ve thrown ideas off each other for years. This was the first one good enough to stick. So not only was I one of the first (maybe the very first) to hear about his idea, but I was able to help give my thoughts and opinions throughout the last 6 months or so that this has been developing. There have been things I’ve liked, things I didn’t. Some of my opinions were taken into account, some weren’t. Am I biased? Of course I am. But, I have absolutely no financial stake in MagMod. I’m just really excited that one of my friends invented something that I think is a game changer. So feel free to take this review or leave it, but I think the product will speak for itself for anyone who’s ever tried other light modifiers.

Question #3: What’s so special about the Mag Mod compared to other options out there.

Answer: There have certainly been lots of cool speedlight products invented over the past 5 years. The issues for most of them have always been issues of A) durability or B) ease of setup. After seeing this thing built from behind the scenes, I know how expensive it can be to put together a REAL product and I can see why many things have struggled. For me, the MagMod has been cool because it’s incredibly easy, very light weight and extremely durable. Those may not seem like things that make a big difference to many people (after all, the MagMod does do some of the same things as many modifiers already out there), but for a professional who’s using these things constantly, durability and ease make a huge difference. The coolest thing about them is the ability for them to be stacked. So not only is it easy, but there are endless combinations for your lights.

Question #4: Is there anything that should/would keep me from buying Mag Mod?

Answer: If you don’t get a sense through the review, I’m a really big fan of the Mag Mod. But there’s a few things that you can consider before supporting the product. If you really love what you already have, check out the Kickstarter and see if you think it’ll save you time or hassle. For me that answer is an overwhelming yes, but everyone works differently. If not, then what you have is probably just fine. Mag Mod will give you a few more options if you switch, but only you know how much that’s worth to you. However, the biggest factor to consider (as I point out in the video) is the confidence you feel about the gel system. Right now I’ve only used first generation prototypes. They were as good as what we already use, but not yet perfect. So while I know that Spencer is working feverishly to make the gels perfect (and if there’s anyone I trust, it’s him), that’s something to consider as well.

So, without further ado, it should be pretty clear that I’m a huge supporter of this project. If you want to buy yourself some and support them too, help them out on Kickstarter now! Here’s the official video review…

Lastly, here’s a few photos from last weekend’s wedding that were MagModded…

This image is using 3 MagMod grids. One in the back and two grids that are double-stacked in the front:

One MagMod and grid:

2 and 1 gridded MagMods

2 and 1 gridded MagMods

1 gridded MagMod

1 gridded MagMod