Dee & Jon at Sugar Beach, St. Lucia


What can you really say about one of your friends getting married at a surprise elopement in St. Lucia? Amy and I always love our job and it’s been incredible to share it with so many people. But shooting for Dee and Jon was more than that for us…

A few years ago, I got an email from a guy named Jon who was interested in coming to our photography workshop. Besides being polite, he was a bit unsure if he had the chops to come. What became clear was that not only was he humble, but he was an incredibly talented photographer in his own right. Everyone that meets Jon loves him. Well, over the years we formed a friendship, along with many others from the workshop. We saw Jon (and met Dee) right before he was about to propose. And then, a few short weeks ago, we got the call that Dee and Jon were going to get married. But we knew it wouldn’t be a normal wedding. Dee & Jon live in England and both LOVE to travel. They have a little son named Jacob (who you’re about to see a lot of) and we just knew that their wedding would be cool. Little did we know that they would plan it in 6 weeks, not tell a soul, and swear us to secrecy about it… until this moment.

We arrived in St. Lucia after an early morning and headed straight to Dee & Jon’s rented villa at the GORGEOUS Sugar Beach Resort. For those of you scoring at home, this is the same place where Matt Damon just renewed his vows. We spent the next two days photo binging. We took a few portraits on the first night, went out for some boating and snorkeling the next morning, and then the wedding (and the rain) kicked into high gear. One nice thing about only having one guest (Jon’s sister Tori) at a wedding is that rain delays are entirely possible. We finished up with a few more portraits in the morning and headed directly back to the airport on the left side of the road in our beat up rental car.

Seeing these two get married was an absolute joy. Getting to share it so intimately with them was just a complete honor. During the ceremony we were ALL smiling ear to ear. Words can’t express how much we had already cared for these guys. Knowing that Amy’s name is forever etched as a witness on their marriage license makes it that much sweeter. Here are a few of our favorites…


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