Tiffany and Dan at the Bellevue


There will come a time years from now that we’ll look back on our lives as wedding photographers and think fondly of the awesome places we’ve gone, the great people we’ve met and everything that we loved about this job. When that happens, I think there’s a good chance that we’ll remember Tiffany and Dan’s wedding. It was one of those days that was just beginning-to-end awesome.

Above all we love when weddings are unique and we love when people really kick back have fun. Tiff and Dan did a first look, spent a long time with us walking around the city for portraits and then joined all their guests for their short ceremony at XIX in the Hyatt Bellevue. They didn’t have a bridal party or even a formal reception. Just a sweet (and fun) cocktail party. Then we headed out with them afterwards for some dancing and drinks in the city. We loved this wedding if you can’t tell. Enjoy!…


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