Thanks to Zalmy for taking the above photos during Genesis 2

As we’ve rolled over into 2012 and the holidays are in the rear view, we’ve been starting to get a bunch of questions about this year’s Genesis Workshop. So we wanted to make a little post to talk about what we’ll be… well, talking about. Before I do, let me say this: I don’t think I’ve ever been as excited for a Genesis workshop as I am for Genesis 2012. Our favorite parts of the last 2 years have always been the time we’ve been able to spend with people between the ‘official’ workshop events. This year that will be on full blast as we all will be staying/eating/jacuzzi-ing together. We really can’t wait till March 20th!

What We’re Teaching

Without a doubt, the biggest thing that we’re seeing photographers struggle with is how to blend their visions/ideas/prices/personalities with those of their clients. Now more than ever photographers are facing a series of challenges that they haven’t faced before. So how does a photographer shoot the way they want, price themselves to be profitable and produce great work while still trying to appeal and please a modern bride who has handpicked her favorite 300 photos on Pinterest and has 3 friends/family members who are dying to shoot her wedding?

This year we’re going to talking about embracing these things rather than fighting them. Specifically we’re going to be talking about how to run a client-oriented business. That is, one that still accomplishes our business goals AFTER making sure we’re giving our clients what they want. We’re going to be talking about pricing ourselves in ways that make us profitable but also that make sense for our clients. And probably most importantly, we’re going to be shooting… a lot. We’re going to be showing more shooting and lighting techniques than we’ve ever delved into at previous workshops. And as we do, we’ll talk about how we can make even our shooting style match what our clients are really wanting.

Also, we’re going to spend a night talking about Branding and spend an afternoon/evening giving individual Branding critiques. Branding is (in my opinion) the single most thing that most photographers overlook. It also happens to be thing thing with the most potential to make their business grow and thrive. We’re going to delve into building a successful brand from the ground up and do a live demonstration of building a brand. Then we’ll have time to give each student advice about how they can apply those things to their own business.

We’re so excited about this year’s workshop.

If you’re interested in attending, check out the Genesis website, where you can find out all about what the others are teaching, what you can expect to take away and even read reviews from past students on our Genesis blog. The workshop runs from March 20-22 in Las Vegas (flights are very cheap right now) and is all-inclusive. All your accommodations and food will be provided as part of registration! Hope to see you there…