Kelli and Ryan’s engagement (Part 2 – the countryside)

Somewhere around 10pm on the east coast last Thursday, we found ourselves near a train station in rural Germany. It was late afternoon on a gorgeous day. We had decided to make a random stop on our way to the Alps. Does this sound like a romance novel yet? We found ourselves walking through German farm land with empty fields in front of us and the Swiss Alps behind us. That was about the time that we realized that we picked the right profession.

Here’s part 2 from Kelli & Ryan’s engagement session in Germany from last week. If you missed part one, check it out!


Ryan: “Can we do somersaults down the hill?”

You know, just like we do every session… shooting in lederhosen and Dirndl in the Alps.

The next few are from our trip to Salzburg, including the photo below, when Kelli and Ryan discovered the world of Angry Birds…

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