Kelli and Ryan’s engagement in Germany – Part One

I’m not sure if it was the old churches, the cobblestone streets or the endless amounts of meat that did it. But at some point during our trip last week, the reason became clear why Kelli and Ryan wanted to have their engagement session in Munich, Germany… a place where they’ve lived for the past few years. Amy and I were so flattered that they asked us to come to them and that both Kelli and Ryan were so generous with their time and effort in showing us around their beautiful city. We were completely blown away by the beauty and history of Germany and the fact that Kelli and Ryan allowed us to experience it with them.

Throughout the course of the week we shot for Kelli and Ryan all over the city and the surrounding countryside. We’ll be presenting these in two parts. The first (this one) is almost entirely shot in Munich in some places that are important to them. More to come soon!


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